February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011 Baseball Docent Tour Stops

It is with great pleasure that I bring you a link to a story about Stephen Strasburg and his connection to a young boy named Michael who reached out to Stephen because of something they had in common. In this day and age when so many people have a sense of entitlement, this is a refreshing story about a kid who wasn't seeking anything at all; instead, he offered encouragement and was rewarded in a big way.

It's just the kind of story I love and I'm sure you will too. Please read Injury leads to Major League Connection courtesy of Charlie Leffler of The Mechanicsville Local.

Next tour stop - Rob Neyer formerly of ESPN has a new gig. He's now at SB Nation and his first piece is about being one of "us." I'm somewhat of a Rob Neyer fan; in that I love it when he tells baseball stories. His analysis and such aren't necessarily the reason I read his stuff.

In any case - yesterday was his first day on the new job and he's already written three pieces at last count. Find his first blog post: HERE.

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