September 17, 2010

The journey begins

Welcome to The Baseball Docent. The goal of this blog is to take you on a journey; a guided tour if you will, of all things baseball.

We hope to engage you in a way that will make you laugh (or at least smile), think, and/or be moved to tears. As the late, great college basketball coach Jim Valvano once said, “If you do those three things every day; that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day.”

Baseball has the ability to touch people in a variety of meaningful ways. This blog will attempt to capture the spirit of Valvano’s life lesson through the sharing of stories about baseball. "All things baseball" leaves things pretty wide open, which is just what we want.

It’s an ambitious under-taking for sure. So, please understand that we’ve set the bar high, knowing full well it’s about the journey towards that goal and not necessarily about arriving at it. When appropriate, we might even stray from the topic of baseball; after all, Valvano was a basketball coach.

Hopefully we will find some indelible moments along the way and more importantly - the stories behind those events.

So... who are “we?” I'm James and I write an Angels baseball blog called True Grich (my wife Cheryl also contributes to the blog in numerous ways). Writing True Grich has been a lot of fun; however, I thought it was time to start a second blog dedicated to all things baseball and instead of just my favorite team. Thus The Baseball Docent was born.

My mission is to go beyond my own thoughts and experiences (which you will still get) by engaging others and encouraging them to share their baseball stories with you here on this blog. That's where the "we" really comes into play.

At times The Baseball Docent may do something as simple as direct you to another site where we can continue our tour; again, keeping Valvano's message in mind.

Are you with us? Do you have a story worth sharing? If you do, please see the my contact information on the left and shoot me a note.

Okay, so here we go - let the tour begin...

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