April 16, 2013

Stand strong

Given the unfortunate and horrific events of yesterday in Boston... I felt prompted to post this video - which is about a very dark day in America - 9/11.  But even in the midst of such tragedy - good things emerge and this video is evidence of that in my opinion.  Enjoy...

September 7, 2012

Baseball is just a game or is it?

The next time someone tells you that baseball is just a game - have them watch this video which tells the story of Josiah Viera...

How much do you love baseball?

May 14, 2012

Don't stop relievin'

I don't like the Yankees much. Granted I may actually dislike the Red Sox a little more - but I have no love for the Yankees what-so-ever. That being said, I do have a great deal of respect for Mariano Rivera and I do hope he makes a comeback. To that end... I present to you a great parody:

You have to love baseball fans for their passion and creativity, don't you?

May 10, 2012

Welcome back Vladimir Guerrero

Vladimir Guerrero is back. He has signed a minor league deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. It's somewhat fitting that he could end his career north of the border. In any case - I'm glad he's able to have at least one more go of it and as a tribute to his coming back, I present to you a trip down memory lane:

May 3, 2012

Next stop Chi-Town, Lido put the money down...

I love baseball commercials because so many of them are well done and downright funny. This one lives up to that very standard. Enjoy!

May 2, 2012

Where's Darin Erstad?

I love stuff like this... my only question is where's Darin Erstad? Isn't he the head coach at Nebraska? Just saying...

Thanks to the OC Register's Landon Hall for bringing this to our attention.