January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011 The Baseball Docent Tour continues

It's been a while. I could bore you with why, but rather than do that, let's just get back at it, shall we?

Today's tour takes us to a great blog called "The Henry Wiggen Blog" - and a post from January 3, 2011. It's about a baseball story and one that I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's about Mickey Mantle and who doesn't love a good Mickey Mantle story?

This one has a long title; it's called: Lure of the ball field... is it lost on the modern player? An inviting conundrum from Jane Leavy's new biography of the Mick. Enjoy....

Next up is the work of one of my favorite wrtiers and someone who will no doubt be mentioned on this site a lot over time. He's Joe Posnanski and he did an interesing piece about the Hall of Fame.

Who's really good enough to get in? Let's start with Willie Mays; in fact, Joe would like to use Willie May as the criteria for such an esteemed honor. How so? Read "The Willie Mays Hall of Fame" for some entertaining insight.

Okay... so we have a link to something about Mickey Mantle and one to something about Willie Mays. Not a bad day's work eh?

I really can't top that - but I will leave you with something that's about another Hall of Famer... This is a tribute to Dave Niehaus, the legendary voice of the Seattle Mariners who passed away in 2010.


Special thanks to Sam Miller of the OC Register who brought this video to our attention.

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